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Our achievements


2023 Most Outstanding Choreography of the competition - Kids Artistic Revue, Sydney

2022 Ten out of eleven group routines take 1st Place - Evolution Dance Competition, Sydney

2019 Best Choreography - Elena Kirkizheva, Rainbow Dance Australia, Sydney

2019 Regional Champion among all groups ages 8 and under, Dancelife Unite, Sydney

2018 Regional Champion among large groups Ages 11 and Under in Rising Stars level, KAR Dance, Sydney

2018 Overall Top Studio, VIEW Dance Challenge, Newcastle

2018 Regional Champion among groups Ages 15 and Under, Hollywood Bound Dance Championships, Sydney

2017 Studio of Excellence, Rainbow Dance Championships, Sydney

2016 Top Rising Stars Studio of Sydney, Kids Artistic Revue, Sydney

2016 Choreographer of the Year - Lana Borisova, Kids Artistic Revue, Sydney

2016 Best Choreography - Lana Borisova, Showcase Dance Championships, Woollongong

2016 US National Finalist, Kids Artistic Revue, Los Angeles

2015 Australia's Ultimate Dance Studio Award, Kids Artistic Revue, Australia




2023 Kids Artistic Revue, Sydney

In October our “Prestige” and “Elite” groups attended the American ‘Kids Artistic Revue’ dance competition in Sydney. We couldn’t be more proud with outstanding results, including:

  • Major Award “Outstanding Choreography” amongst all routines of the whole competition for “Statues”

  • Highest Overall Score amongst all Small Groups in age category for “Statues”

  • Judges Choice Award “Terrific Technique” for “Statues”

  • Highest Overall Score amongst all Large Groups in age category for “Warriors”

  • Judges Choice Award “Creative Choreography” for “Warriors”

  • 2nd Highest Overall Score amongst all Small Groups in age category for “Do Your Thing”

  • Judges Choice Award “You did your thing” for “Do Your Thing” :)

  • Highest Overall Score amongst all Large Groups in age category for “Rhythms of Modernity”

  • 2nd Highest Overall Score amongst all soloists in age category for Alexia’s solo “Shawty Get Loose”

KAR 2023


2022 In The Spotlight Dance Challenge, Sydney



2022 Launch Acrobatic Dance Competition, Sydney


2022 Showcase Dance Competition, Sydney


2022 Evolution Dance Competition, Sydney



2021 The Ultimate Dance Challenge, Sydney




2021 Get The Beat, Sydney



2020 Energy Express Eisteddfod, Sydney



2019 VIEW Dance Challenge, Sydney


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Still exhausted but happy from a huge weekend at @viewdancechallengeau in Sydney. Thankful to the judges for acknowledging us with seven (!) Judges Choice awards. Judges commented on the story telling aspect of our choreographies, connection to the performance, teamwork and technique of our students. πŸ™Œ πŸ‘ŒπŸ’• We managed to achieve the competition's highest Petite (6&U) score with "I like that" and the competition's highest Mini (8&U) score with "It's an emergency". Our Prestige group achieved the highest scoring pre-competitive mini (8&U) small group performance with "Power", as well as 3rd place overall with "Glamour". Our Elite team achieved 4th highest scoring performance in intermediate (12&U) large groups with "Lovestoned" and 5th overall with "That Girl is Poison", as well as 5th overall in small groups with "Red Passion". In intermediate (12&U) duets, we have 1st place overall with "Trouble Maker", 3rd overall with "Lovely", and 5th overall with "Firestarter". πŸ€— πŸ€— πŸ€— Our "Kids no Limits" (6&U) group didn't have enough competitors in their age category to qualify for the "overall" awards, but they had some of the highest scores of the whole competition with "Fancy Laundresses" and "Funny Butterflies". πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ So proud of all our team showing their absolute best this weekend and coming together as a team when it seemed that the whole world is against us, whether it is the last minute changes, costume malfunctions, or high temperatures.. You are true professionals and absolutely nailed it this weekend. πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† Big thanks to our superstar team for all the help on the weekend @lanaborisova_ @e_kirkizheva @crawfordlikecindy, as well as all our talented teachers at the studio who every day, with so much patience, heart and dedication, help raise our champions πŸ™ πŸ’•πŸ’•

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2019 Evolution Dance Competition, Sydney


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Congratulations to our amazing competition groups with such a fantastic result and success at @evolutiondancecomp. Thanks a lot to Jason Duff for honest critiques and appreciation of our dances. We are more than happy with our outstanding results: 10 first places : 12y.o group hip hop " That girl is poison.", 12y.o open group "Creepy White.", 6y.o open group "Fancy Laundresses", 10-11y.o lyrical duo "Lovely" Oliver Cholensky/Alisa Gomina, 10-11y.o hip hop duo "Trouble Maker" Oliver/Alisa, 12y.o jazz duo "Firestarter" Laura Chen/Natalia Savinova, 6-7y.o open duo "Fashion Dreams" Milena Miranda/Yumi Yun, 5y.o ballet solo Milena Miranda, 5y.o hip hop solo Milena Miranda, 5y.o contemporary solo Milena Miranda, highest overall 6y.o /under Milena Miranda. Also we got 2 Place in acrobatics solo 10-11y.o Audrey Fowler, 8y.o hip hop solo Isabella Miranda and 4th overall in age 8y. o, hip hip group 10y.o/under "Power.", 3 Place in 6y.o/under jazz "Funny Butterflies.", 3 place in contemporary solo 10-11y.o "Forever" Oliver Cholensky and 4 th overall in age 10-11y.o., 3place in open age contemporary "Jungle". Congratulations to all our students, teachers, choreographers, parents for such a great work. A lot of love from L. I. K. E. Family. #danceteam #danceteam #dancecompetition #welldone #elitekids #prestige #kidsnolimits #workinghard #thankyou #inspirationalteachers #choreography @lanaborisova_ @e_kirkizheva @crawfordlikecindy @leonastojchevska #likedancefamily @evolutiondancecomp

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2019 Rainbow Dance Australia, Sydney

Our youngest competition group, Kids No Limits, appeared at Rainbow Dance Australia competition in Sydney.

We're extremely happy with the results. "Fancy Laudresses", choreo by Elena Kirkizheva, received 1st overall score amongs all groups 8 years and under and received a BIG award winning Best choreography. Judges commented:
"Thank you for giving us something different. Very creative".
"Beautiful age appropriate choreography".
"Adorable. Nice personalities."
"Very entertaining."

Our "Funny Butterflies", choreo by Lana Borisova, came in 2nd and was a highest scoring jazz performance in under 8s.

"Glamour", choreo by Elena Kirkizheva, came in 1st overall for duos/trios in under 8s. And "Fashion Dreams" in second.

Finally, our Milena took out the title Miss Petite Ultimate Dancer with her contemporary "Mama Moya", choreo by Lana Borisova.



2019 DanceLife Unite, Sydney

Our littles received the highest overall score for their impeccable performance of "Funny butterflies" at DanceLife Unite dance competition in Sydney. We are so proud of our youngest competition group! Well done guys!


2018 Kids Artistic Revue in Sydney

Another great weekend at KAR Dance competition in Sydney! The Sydney Kids Artistic Revue featured hundreds of entries over three days of competition. On Sunday night, 15 finalists were selected amongst the groups in the 13 years old and under age category. We had 3 finalists: one small group in the Elite level, a large group in the Elite level and a large group in the Rising Stars level. We are thrilled that our Rising Stars large group took out the regional championship with "Tribal Dance"! No other single studio had three finalists, so we are extremely proud of these results. Also, our soloists did extremely well and LIKE DANCE STUDIO took out the regional title Miss Petite with "Somewhere only we know", regional title Mr. Juniour with "Tell me why" and national title Mr. Junior with "Radioacive"! Congratulations to our Milena, Oliver and Daniel and we hope to see Daniel in the national finals in the USA in 2019!


2018 VIEW Dance Challenge in Newcastle

To say we had a great day at VIEW Dance Challenge in Newcastle, is to say nothing at all.

We achieved a top scoring small group performance of the competition with "I'm Like a Bird", a top scoring large group performance of the competition with "Life at Podium", a top scoring duo/trio of the competition with "Trouble Maker", top junior performance with "Tell me Why", and top petite performance with "Somewhere Only We Know". Our studio was crowned Top Studio of the competition, based on the top 10 scores achieved by each studio!

However, the real highlight was bringing 30 kids from Sydney to Newcastle in such an organized fashion, supporting each other in so many ways through this exhausting day, dancing from 8 am to 9 pm, some of us with fever, some with injuries, showing great sportsmanship and endurance sharing unforgettable moments, with both laughs and tears. Love being behind the scenes with all these superstars and witnessing all the encouragements, cheering, hugs, holding hands and pats on the backs the kids and families give each other. This win is by all of us, all teachers, parents, dancers who are part of what makesΒ L.I.K.E. DanceΒ such a special place and such a powerhouse on the competitive stage.

THANK YOU ALL, let's celebrate each and every win, each improvement, each breakthrough, big and small, learn from every experience and keep working hard.



2018 Hollywood Bound in Sydney

L.I.K.E. Dance Studio has been named Regional Champions for receiving the Highest Scoring group performance of the competition. Congratulations, Team!




2018 Rainbow Dance Competition, Sydney

In June, we had a great weekend at 2018 Rainbow Dance Competition! We presented a total of 27 routines: solos, duets, trios and group dances in the styles of jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, ethnic and acro dance. We received a FANTASTIC response from the international judges across ALL styles and age groups! The highest possible score in this competition is 'Double Platinum'. A total of 18 of our routines were awarded Double Platinum, and the remaining 9 received Platinum awards. In addition to this, 14 dances, that's more than half, received a High Point award, which means that they received the highest scores across all styles within their age group. Moreover, SEVEN dances received the highest score in their respective styles: 2x Best Acro Dance Performance, 2x Best Jazz Performance, 1x Best Hip-hop Performance, 1x Best Contemporary Performance and 1x Best Ethnic Performance. But it doesn't end there. Four "Judges Choice" awards, which are given to "groups displaying outstanding qualities", and the Mascot award, which is given to "one outstanding soloist in the age category 8 and under". Finally, we also have not one, not two, but THREE finalist Ultimate Dancers!


2017 Kids Artistic Revue in Canberra

We had an epic weekend in Canberra presenting our solos, duos and trios at KAR Dance Competition. We are proud to announce that 10 out of 15 performances took out the highest award, Elite Top First. Two of our boys won Title Competitions: Mr Dance Teen and Mr Dance Junior.


2017 Kids Artistic Revue in Sydney

In Sydney, two of our performance groups, P/G Prestige and P/G Elite, competed with group routines. Out of over 170 performances over two days of competition, only 20 were selected through to the Finals. We are proud to announce that L.I.K.E. Dance had 3 routines in the Finals! Well done team!


2017 Rainbow Dance Competition in Sydney

Our successful run continues with L.I.K.E. Dance snapping up the "Studio of Excellence" award at Rainbow Dance Competition in Sydney! We would like to extend our thanks to all teachers, dancers and their families for your continued loyalty and support! What a great start to the 2017 competition season!

Rainbow Studio of Excellence


2016 Kids Artistic Revue Regionals in Sydney

Building on from our success from 2015, we competed at 2016 KAR Regional competition in Sydney. By far, this has been our most successful competition to date. LIKE Dance Studio took home the Top Sydney Studio award and our own Lana Borisova came back with Choreographer of the Year award! We would like to thank all our students for their hard work and for bringing our ideas to life, and thank you to the families and friends for the continued support.


KAR SYD 2016


2016 Showcase dance competition, Wollongong

This year we took our troupes to Wollongong to compete at Showcase Regionals. We are proud to announce that all our competitors qualified for Nationals and produced fantastic results. Congratulations, Team! We are so proud of our Lana Borisova who received a "Best Choreography" award for her choreography "A Fallen Angel".



2016 Kids Artistic Revue US Nationals Final in Los Angeles, California

Further to winning 2015 KAR Ultimate Australia Dance award, we were lucky enough to have an opportunity to represent Australia at KAR US Nationals Final in Los Angeles, California. We would like to thank our "Elite" performance group and the whole team, including the families of the 8 lucky children who travelled to America this July and showed incredible results on our first international competition! Well done all! You are a true inspiration to all.


KAR US 2016



Dancelife Unite 2016 State competition

We would like to congrtulate our students who have successfully competed at DanceLife Unite competition.



Open Doors


Kids Artistic Revue 2015 National Dance Competition

Australia's Ultimate Dance award

"Army Dreamers"
Choreographed by Katerina Novotna & Lana Borisova
Performed by P/G "Elite"

L.I.K.E. Dance Studio has been voted Australia's Ultimate Dance Studio! This award entitles us to represent Australia in the international Kids Artistic Revue dance competition in the United States in 2016! We are so proud and thrilled about this opportunity. Congratulations to our team for delivering such an outstanding result!


Open Doors



Kids Artistic Revue 2015 NSW State Dance Competition

L.I.K.E. Dance Studio performance group "Elite" were incredibly successful at this year's Kids Artistic Revue dance competition. We would like to congratulate the performers and teachers with these outstanding results.


Open Doors


Acrobatics NSW State Championships 2013

L.I.K.E. DANCE STUDIO participated in Acrobatics NSW State Championships. We must say that we were just about the only dance studio competing at the Championships and, especially as newcomers, our teams have achieved a tremendous result. The LIKE DANCE team have brought back a total of 10 medals:

6 x Gold

1 x Silver

3 x Bronze

Congratulations, team!!!

Acro championships



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